Quite a different deGUT!

We have opened the registration for deGUT 2021 today and realized how very much different the deGUT 2020, which took place only two months ago, was.

deGUT 2020Together with our clinet, we had quite early in 2020 decided that deGUT would take place, as far as it would not get prohibited due to the development of the COVID19 situation. We were aware that especially at this point in time jung companies and founders would be in need of information concerning founding and growth. Additionally it was important to cover topics around financing and funding.

Upfront we had customized the online-ticket-system. This was necessary to be able to at all times stay in control of the legal provisions of max. 1000 persons simultaneously being on site, additionally we wanted to take the most advantage of this maximum amount of persons. We solved this task by allocating the tickets to certain time-slots. Furthermore we created a comprehensive hygiene concept. Our hygiene officer spent weeks developing a concept (which filled an entire file folder at the end!). Due to the legal provisions decided on from the Senat of Berlin in the „SARS-CoV-2 Infektionsschutzverordnung“ the concept regulated, just to mention a couple of things, the time-slots for setup and breakdown, the ticketing system, the seat-reservation in the seminar-area, waiting areas at the catering and toilets, signage, route guidance and mandatory wearing of masks.

Again deGUT took place in the ARENA, Berlin. During the 2 days of the exhibition the 2076 participants had lots of space to let themselves in on the deGUT feeling as well as to get to know the around 100 exhibitors. We are really proud of having organized this special deGUT. The exhibition had, due to the pandemic, of course less visitors. On top of that, it was not made easy for the visitors to reach the deGUT 2020. BVG (public transport) was in a city-wide strike and the suburban train only offered replacement transport!
As in previous years the Investitionsbank Berlin (IBB) and the Investitionsbank des Landes Brandenburg (ILB) hosted the event. As always at Germany’s most important exhibition for founders, the visitors were able to catch up on a wide range of themes in the field of entrepreneurship and growth of business; such as financing models, topics around taxes and insurance, funding as well as general succes-consulting concerning marketing and sales or founding with franchise systems. A lot of questions were answered and new impulses given by the experienced speakers in the workshops and seminars as well as by the business consultants in the „Beraterforum“ and the franchisors in the Franchise ARENA.

Everything in a nutshell that you need for setting up and expanding your own business was on site. You only had to help yourself!

Did you miss the deGUT 2020? If you are interested in catching up on the handouts to the seminars & workshops, try here (there were also a few english-languaged events). You can have a look at the fotos here and if we made you curious about deGUT 2021 and you would like to take part? It takes place again on the 29. + 30. October 2021.
Grab your opportunity! We are looking forward to see you!

More informationen here www.deGUT.de.