Before visualising the next deGUT, let´s take a moment to review the past one and express our thank you for an awesome deGUT 2016!

Since the Tempelhof airport is not available as a venue for an indefinite period of time we relocated. Breaking away from the well known – towards new horizons.
With the ARENA Berlin we found the perfect location. The about 6.000 visitors had lots of space and time to look around and consult with nearly 130 exhibitors during the two days of the exhibition.

As in previous years the Investitionsbank Berlin (IBB) and the Investitionsbank des Landes Brandenburg (ILB) hosted the event. As always at Germany’s most important exhibition for founders, the visitors were able pcma Team deGUT 2016to catch up on a wide range of themes in the field of entrepreneurship and setting up business; such as taxes, development funds, financing models, marketing and sales or human resource management. A lot of questions were answered and new impulses given by the experienced speakers in the workshops and seminars as well as by the business consultants in the „Beraterforum“.
Briefly speaking – everything you need for setting up and expand your own business was on site. You only had to help yourself!

„In between tradition and future.“ This is the testimonial of Nadine Reinhold, one of our representatives at the deGUT 2016 and her testimonial also works perfectly with the exhibition. Everything from gigantic wallpapers, to 3D-printers, websites or computer systems, used for developing the organisation of the company has one thing in common – the digitalisation. Nowadays the technical progress happens so fast, thus one of this years thematic focus was the digitalisation and how it can be used for the development and expansion of business

A highlight of the exhibition, which was especially attractive to the newcomers in the start-up scene, was the SpeedDating with the Business Angels Club Berlin-Brandenburg e.V., where the participants had about ten minuets to convince the jury of their business model. The winner got a free coaching for development of his or her business ideas.
If you have not been able to be attend, no problem! The next deGUT will take place on 13th + 14th  October 2017.
Grab your chance! We are looking forward to welcoming you!

Your deGUT-Team.
More information – visit our webpage www.deGUT.de.