Easter quite differently ..

Testing new trends on their usability in day-to-day business is an integral part of what we do at pcma. During the Easter holidays our team member Tine this time put a really exceptional offer to the test.

In keeping with the motto – why roam in the distance, when good things are so close – she took the whole kit and caboodle to the railwaystation Friedrichstraße and entered the regional express train. After around an hour the idyllic Lübben came within reach and the city stress and strain war completely left behind.

Here you can take advantage of a very special kind of accomodation. In the homeland of the “Spreewaldgurke” (the Spreewald gherkins) you can in proper style spend your nights in a gherkin barrel. Yes, you got it right! – In a gherkin barrel. Really cozy and comfortably equipped with heating, WLAN, electricity, double bed and lots of storage place the stay in the barrel could easily have been extended. Directly out of the gherkin-window the gorgeous sunrise above the Spree could be observed and as if he had solely been waiting for it, the stork returned to his home on schedule with the Easter bunny.

Extraordinary wonderful!