NACHTSCHICHT (night shift) on February 19th, 2016

Working overtime for the good cause!

Together with the corporate network UPJ, the communication agency Camici and – a new part of the team this year – the communication office Kombüse, we from pcma were for the third time able to bring roughly 50 creative folks together with 7 different NPO Projects.

The team of initiators uses its own skills to create space for social commitment.
Our managing director, Bernd Wiedemann, who were on site and personally took care of the organisation of the event this year, states: “we are basically doing what we always do, just for free. Why? Because we meet our corporate responsibility as well our wish to improve our world ever so slightly.”

Nachtschicht 2016

In the frame of the NACHTSCHICHT programmers, copywriters, designers and other creative minds worked overtime from Friday evening until Saturday at 3 in the wee morning hours. During 8 hours they pro bono developed pamphlets, flyers, posters, social-media-campaigns, corporate designs and marketing strategies for social projects, which covered the full range of social commitment from peer helpers for youngsters over integration of refugees to structuring of an outpatient hospice center.

The very first feedback to NACHTSCHICHT came from Melanie Polascheck, initiator and chairwoman of “YouMeWe-Flüchtlingskinder & Kinder von hier e.V.” (YouWeMe-refugee kids and kids from here): “It was absolutely amazing! I am completely done and have only slept 3,5 hours, but happily joged 40 minutes this morning. This wonderful night enabled me to happily jog along. A HUGE thank you!!!”

Read more about the night shift here: www.nachtschicht-berlin.de (sorry, only German version available!)

Nachtschicht Team Ricam Nachtschicht Team NBH-Neukölln Nachtschicht Team Trokkenpresse
             Team Ricam                                             Team NBH-Neukölln                                          Team Trokkenpresse