Launch of visitBerlin Convention Partner e.V. – Start-up phase

Kick-off – 5th May, 2015: The visitBerlin Convention Partner registered association, an innovative network of the Berlin congress industry, was launched under Bernd Wiedemann as chairman of the association and chairman of the board “agencies”.

Addressing associations and companies that plan their congress or any other event of the MICE industry in Berlin, the association intends to response to customer needs and requirements more targeted. As common network of Berlin service providers the association bundles with currently 40 members a diversity of locations, service for technology and equipment, logistics companies, caterers, congress organizers and event agencies. The aim is to allow companies and associations a facilitate search for professional and experienced partners for their event. visitBerlin Convention Partner e.V. is a re-establishment of the association visitBerlin Partneragenturen e.V.

The focus of activity points at preparing enhancedly Berlin suppliers for new foreign markets, to expand high quality standards as well as promoting exchange of information and experience between the members. The number of members is expected to increase steadily in the next few years. The membership is open to all service providers who offer their services in the MICE sector and have their headquarter as well as their main business in Berlin. 

On a global range visitBerlin Convention Partner e.V. shows up innovative and with high standards of quality. Berlins position is considered as one of the world’s best event destinations. The activity of visitBerlin Convention Partner e.V. aims at maintaining and promoting this position also in the future.

Further information and the latest news provides the association’s website: http://www.convention-partner.com/mitglieder-und-ihr-portfolio.html