Organizing creative ideas? Of course, we consider a night shift for that.

Taking 25 creatives, 8 hours of team work and the social responsibility of sponsors as well as the services of further supporters.

After an exciting and inspiring N8SCHICHT in February 2014, we are currently preparing the next edition which will take place on 27th February 2015 – our small contribution for a “better world”. In the frame of the project the competencies of participating companies of the creative sector are made use of for a good cause. At N8SCHICHT creative enterprises of diverse specialisations offer their professional skills for non-profit-organisations (NPO) within a time frame of eight hours - for free. Together they design within this 8-hour night shift for instance creative IT concepts, strategic communication measures (such as brochures, flyers, information or training materials), or customized corporate identity concepts. Thus, they support the elected participating NPO’s, that often do not have sufficient financial resources for marketing services. However, their non-profit activities and charitable aims are most often indispensable to our society.

With their expertise and eight hours of their valuable time, not only creative heads are engaging in this projects. Also sponsors and supporters of other services have the opportunity to contribute to a successful non-profit event and hence a good cause. For that the participants themselves gain our appreciation and also the opportunity to network with great people.

Under the following link http://www.nachtschicht-berlin.de/ you can find more information on registration, procedure and the concept of N8SCHICHT. Registrations can be made through our website until 8th December 2014. Also the newspaper “Der Tagesspiegel” reports under http://www.tagesspiegel.de/berlin/tagesspiegel-aktion-nachtschicht-fuer-den-guten-zweck/11038052.html. By the way, the nocturnal competence marathon takes place again in the publishing house of the Berlin Tagesspiegel.

We are looking forward to the expertise of our participants, to an exciting mix of creative ideas and especially the output in team work and team spirit!


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