A passion for organisation

We at pcma all share a passion for planning and organising specialist events. Our enthusiasm is sparked by our appreciation of the many details which have to be considered when realising an event like a congress. Paying attention to the individual aspects which make the event special for the participants is our ambition and the key to the success of your event.

Our guiding principles:

  • We plan quality and leave nothing to chance from the very outset.
  • We only accept payment from one source, forgoing any hidden bonuses and refunds. All payments received are directly transferred to the customer.
  • We view ourselves as an independent advisor and negotiate the best possible value for money for our customers. Our offers are transparently structured and do not contain any hidden items and costs.
  • We offer our customers the freedom to choose: You decide whether you want the financial security offered by our packages or whether you prefer billing by time. With the latter, you only pay for the time which we actually require for your project. 
  • We ensure that our customers are remembered for hosting a perfect event while we operate unobtrusively in the background. We ensure that your event goes smoothly, allowing you to focus on the really important aspects.
  • Safety is also one of our key concerns. All employees are responsible for creating a safe, non-hazardous and accident-free environment for all guests and colleagues.
  • We think “green” and use all resources consciously, sparingly and with a view to preserving the environment.
  • We make use of our skills and expertise for the benefit of our customers when developing and introducing new event, exhibition and trade fair concepts (meeting architecture)